Co-Chairperson’s Message

Knowledge is a wealth that empowers like none other. Educating young minds to equip them for the present complex, competitive world is an arduous task. But the path however gruelling, that is the mission which Springdales has set forth to achieve. Our aim is not just to produce an educated child, but a student enlightened with academic knowledge capable of challenging accepted ideas and practices.

Springdales is a name synonymous with erudite academics operating in a qualitative learning environment, researching on means to mould students through an endearing learning experience and an exemplary holistic education program. We aim at developing children’s wisdom by unleashing their true potential and enabling creative and innovative thought process by providing a stimulating and supportive environment.

At every step towards achieving our mission, we are thankful for having received the support and motivation of confident parents, dedicated teachers and committed students. With requisite knowledge, adequate competencies and instillation of the right culture and values every one of our students will prove an asset to the community and will grow to be conscientious responsible citizens ready to take on the world!

Mrs. Jasmine Anand