Welcome to Springdales School Dubai

Thank you for choosing Springdales School for nurturing your child’s future.

We welcome students from all corners of the world to gain from the curriculum pathways we offer and take advantage of or world class facilities, and challenge the dedicated teachers who want to walk the ‘learning journey ‘ with them.

Springdales India has achieved phenomenal educational excellence and is consistently one of the most premium educational institutions in India.

Our academic year commences in April and ends in March. Springdales School admit students of all abilities, faiths and nationalities. The School offers a CBSE curriculum pathway towards higher education, but is also working towards approval to offer Cambridge (CIAE) IGCSE, AS/A2 and vocational pathways. The School adheres to UAE laws is regulated by the KHDA which also approves the School-Parent Contract which must be signed by all parents who are admitting their children to the school.


  • Registration for the academic year 2019-20 and AY 2020 2021 is now open.


From Pre-KG to Grade 1, grade level placement is determined by the Childs age by July 31st of that year. Please note that no exceptions can be made.

By 31st July:

  • Pre-Primary must be 3 years of age
  • KG I must be 4 years of age
  • KG II must be 5 years of age
  • Grade I must be 6 years of age

From Grade 2 and above, grade level depends on the curriculum child is migrating from.

  1. Students transferring from 12 year system is according to the Transfer certificate.
  2. Please find below the table that indicates year group where students are transferring from 13 year system.
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Admission Process

  • To begin with the admission process, please complete the Online Application Form. Once the form has been completed, you will receive an automated response confirming receipt of your application.
  • Once your application has been processed, if a place is available, you will be contacted and your child will be invited into the school for an assessment.
  • Pre-Primary and KG 1 – All applicants will be assessed to ensure that they meet our minimum requirements in terms of being able to access the curriculum.

Assessments are for placement purposes only and not to discriminate by ability.

Pre-Primary and KG 1 – All applicants will be assessed to ensure that they meet our minimum requirements.

The parents and child will be invited into the school for a play based assessment.

Students from KG 2 – Grade 2 will be assessed on language/literacy and numeracy standards appropriate to their exiting or number of years in full-time education.

Students from Grade 3 – above will be assessed on Grade appropriate English and Mathematics assessment.

Our admissions office will respond to the online applications and invitations for assessments will be sent out accordingly.

A non-refundable Registration Fee of AED 500 must be paid prior to the assessment.


We offer the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), Indian Curriculum. The KG offers a modified EYFS (UK) curriculum with Indian and UAE cultural influences. The Primary School also maps its curriculum against the UK National Curriculum but also prepares students for entry to the CBSE curriculum. The CBSE curriculum is developed throughout the Secondary School with subjects options chosen before entry into G9 for the CBSE X exams. Students then choose their subjects in combinations that will give them the best opportunities to follow higher education courses in business and commerce, engineering, medicine or the creative and performing arts after successfully completing their the CBSE XII exams. Alternative pathways into higher education globally are being pursued and the Springdales is seeking KHDA approval to offer IGCSE and AS/A2 levels and vocational programmes to meet the needs of students seeking alternatives to a strictly academic pathway to higher education and/or employment. Careers education advice begins in G8 to assist students and families to make informed decisions about the best possible combinations of subjects and courses. It will not be possible to mix pathways, although the teaching of some content may be shared. Assessment methods are different according to which pathway is selected.