Our vision is to work for social justice and equality, peace and international understanding, and a sustainable global environment where man and nature can co-exist.

Our children hold the key to the future. Fostering in them a spirit of love and hope, helping them develop rational thinking and compassionate hearts, encourage them to reach out to those around them with the spirit of service, and instilling in them the feeling of being part of the family of humankind, we shall be educating them the feeling of being a part of global family which will enable each springdalian to fulfill our vision.

The mission of the school is to impart high-quality education through a holistic, humanistic, and progressive approach that groom’s each Springdalian to be humane, rational, creative, adaptive, carrying and thinking beings.

The School motto was taken from Upanishads in the year 1956. The word on the motto are in Sanskrit – “Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam“. It means – “The World is a family“.

The logo has the globe with a rocket across it and olive leaves around it symbolizing the spread of knowledge around the world through the use of Science and Technology and the need to establish a world at peace.

Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam” form an integral part of Springdalian Education. It symbolizes, “the oneness of the Universe” where there is Harmony, Tolerance and No discrimination between human kind, the natural world and the animal kingdom. It is the reflection of an ideal of the world which strives for Freedom, Felicity and Unity, a world where ceaseless struggle drives humanity forward to live in a sustainable planet where Equality reigns, where there is Peace and Amity among all people – the fruit of our common Endeavour.